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Our Mission

Teach urban educators how to overcome student trauma so they can teach effectively.

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I personally thought it was incredibly helpful. How interactive it was. She did a great job of managing not only the time but the content, and making it really usable and functional for us. I would definitely high recommend it to anyone that's an educator, and to any administrator that's looking for something that can be really easily turned over the next days.
Rachel Baker
Teacher in Camden, NJ
WOW! I'm so glad I decided to invest in myself and take Reverse the Adverse Online Training! feel more empowered and equipped to interact with my students in a more effective way. She is so inspirational, her class was engaging and interactive. There was so much information covered in just 2 hours. Her workbook will stay on my desk and will be the first thing I look at each work day!.
Jennifer Kee
Teacher Assistant in Baltimore, MD
The training was awesome! Just really thought provoking, I was making mental notes and trying to focus at the same time. It was supportive, affirming and perspective shifting. So, two thumbs up... this was awesome!
Camille Underwood
School Social Worker in Alabama

Meet the Founder

Nicole Thompson, is a Philadelphia native and is committed to serving urban youth. She has spent many years serving students of all ages in her roles as a school psychologist, early intervention therapist, and adjunct professor at Temple University College of Education.

Nicole is a speaker, writer, educator, and mentor on a mission to raise awareness about childhood trauma in urban youth and provide educators with an approach to heal student trauma with love so our most vulnerable youth can thrive.

She completed her undergraduate at Temple University and her graduate studies at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine with her Education Specialist Degree in School Psychology.