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How to Address Your Students' Emotional Needs So You Can Actually Teach!

(Without extra time needed.)

The best!

  • “THIS! Thank you. Your training is still the best I have ever received. I used your training this school year and I’ve seen every child grow a grade level in one semester (fourth and fifth grade resource special education). THANK YOU ” 

Emily Ownby


  • “WOW! I’m so glad I decided to invest in myself and take Reverse the Adverse Online Training! I feel more empowered and equipped to interact with my students in a more effective way. She is so inspirational, her class was engaging and interactive. There was so much information covered in just 2 hours. Her workbook will stay on my desk and will be the first thing I look at each work day!” 

    Jennifer Kee

Incredibly helpful...

  • “I personally thought it was incredibly helpful. How interactive it was. She did a great job of managing not only the time but the content, and making it really usable and functional for us. I would definitely highly recommend it to anyone that’s an educator, and to any administrator that’s looking for something that can be really easily turned over the next day.” 

     Rachel Baker

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