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This was fantastic. It came at a great time of the school year when we fall into a pattern. Make a teacher reevaluate! Thank you!"

- Reverse the Adverse Attendee

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Powerful presentation!... down to earth, real, truly focused on the students and gave great information that will be used.

- Harvard School Mental Health Attendee


Nicole can help your district or organization become more trauma-informed

Nicole is an expert in adverse childhood experiences in urban students. Given her years of professional and personal experience in the inner city, she delivers an authentic talk that is dynamic, inspirational, and engaging. She identifies the problems that many urban students experience growing up in impoverished communities, and offers practical solutions for educators that serve them. Nicole is an international writer and she speaks at conferences throughout the nation. She received a standing ovation for her 2019 Harvard School Mental presentation. 

This book is a must read... the stories they share will touch you... motivate you to start, continue, strengthen the journey you are on.​


As a co-author in Black Therapists Rock: A Glimpse Through the Eyes of Experts, we seek to end the mental health stigma in Black communities. Since trauma is healed better collectively, each author shares personal accounts of depression, abuse, grief, and other forms of trauma that oftentimes go ignored in the community. The authors’ collective vulnerability gives hope to people with similar experiences. Nicole writes a revealing chapter recalling her own harrowing childhood experiences with a clinically depressed mother who had lost her will to live, leaving behind her five children, all of whom were under the age of thirteen. She shares the intimate details of her life that led her to be an 8 year-old motherless child, and the impact it had on her when she saw her mother’s dead body lying next to her.